The River Home Groups

Plug into any of the small groups on a topic that fits your lifestyle and interest. Let's gather and get real as we encounter Jesus and build intimate relationships!

Couples HOme Groups - "Date Night"

Open to couples - married, engaged, or deeply committed!

Let's stir things up in your relationship! Join this home group for date nights. Rather than weekly couples meetings, we will have 2-3 date nights for couples to break bread and build relationships! Reach out to the group leaders to find out more about the outings and to join couples nights out!

Leaders: Aaron and Dabbie Smith

First Date Night: Saturday, 07.09.22, 6:00-8:00PM

Location: Smith Home

RSVP: 07.06.22

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River Group Fitness Training - "Fit for God"

The River “Fit for God“ group training is a one hour Tabata training  class. The class is welcome to all, no matter your experience. Modifications can be made in order to work at the perfect level for you. Learn to build a strong fitness foundation, to build energy and strength. We will also have a Group Facebook page where you will get fitness tips and we can spiritually support each other during the week . Now is the time to glorify God  by taking care of your health so we can serve Him and others. 

You will need to bring a pair of your own dumbbells, a mat, and water.

Leader: Shelly Rojas 

Saturdays Starting June 25, 10:30am

Location: The River Church, up stairs  dance studio

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NextGEn Ministry: "One at a Time" Series

Mission Statement: We exist to create a culture where students have a direct path to the savior.

NextGen provides the youth with the space to connect with one another in their walk with God. This semester we will have plenty of opportunities to serve in areas such as VBS, youth worship team, and more. Most of our time will be spent diving into the Word of God and building a relationship with our Savior. 

This semester, we will be focusing on a 6-week bible study series called “One At A Time”. In a world where we often get caught in a cycle of routines, what happens when we focus on making a difference one at a time? This series will focus on how Jesus made an impact in the world and how we can do the same. Making a difference isn’t dependent on the amount of followers you have, your bank account, or who you’re in contact with. Want to make a difference? Focus on the one

Age Group: 12 - 17 years old

Leader: Angelo Dabu

Fridays 7:00PM - 8:30 PM June 17 - August 26

Location: River of Life Family Church  

Interested or need more info? Send a message to Angelo.                                

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River Men

The best opportunity for deeper and richer growth that has long lasting impact. Open to all men to come and gather for a chance to build genuine relationships centered around spiritual growth.

Our group offers men...

#1 man's basic need for mentorship

#2 structured guidance

#3 like minded community

#4 strong male role models

#5 discover greater purpose

#6 a desire for more of the Bible

Leaders: Rob Segura

Wednesdays 7:00PM - 8:00PM

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Gospel Fluency Book Club!

What's the Gospel! Christians tend to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to talk about Jesus rather than actually practicing the gospel. Let's get gospel-fluent together!

Leaders: Jon and Roxanne Esteban

Tuesdays 6:30PM - 7:45PM     

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Be Better Fitness Group

It’s not just a workout.  It’s not just an attempt to lose weight and feel good.

But it’s an opportunity to be part of a community that supports each other and pushes each to Be Better and to appreciate/steward the Living Temple that God is entrusting us with.

Leader: Andy Le
Saturday 8:00am - 9:00am

Hope (Mental Health) Group

Join Rochelle for a new semester - Sacred Wounds: Mastery of Grace

"Imagine taking your most emotional and traumatic life events and transforming them into the source of power, wellbeing and wholeness? Imagine succeeding and thriving not despite of your wounds, but because of them? Imagine no longer being a victim, but a victorious overcomer, no longer powerless but powerful? Join my 8-week small group and we will learn how to find grace and strength in challenging, often traumatic events. We will move through heartache, disappointments, abuse, trauma, mental illness, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual challenges. Sacred Wounds will allow you to change your perspective, shift your perceptions and renew your mind to no longer view your past hurts as a curse, but a blessing in disguise! The huge surprise of that, will be revealed during our time together, is that “The place of wound can be the place of your, greatest gift”. Revealing that our very wounds can become “Sacred Wounds”, if we let them!"

Leader: Rochelle Segura

Tuesdays 6:30pm - 8:00pm

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Sharing Jesus without Fear

Do you feel inspired to share your love for Christ to others? Join the leaders and members of this River Home Group to learn how to evangelize and share the Gospel with confidence and courage!

Leaders: Tess and Marilou

Tuesdays 6:30pm - 8:00pm

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Basketball Ministry Group

Over 22+ years, this brotherhood gathers twice a week year round. Our core values are Faith, Fellowship, Fun and Friendly Competition! The game of basketball has brought us closer together; built genuine friendships and camaraderie on and off the court. All are welcome!

We’ll also have a men’s breakfast once a month.

Leader: Rob Segura

Mondays/Fridays 6:00am - 8:00am

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online Minstry Group

The Online Ministry is a group for those who would like to plug into or join a home group but can't do so physically. An online fellowship to grow together in Jesus - our goal is to build and expand a relationship in Christ for anyone who wants to be a part of The River without actually being present at The River. In this group we will discuss Sunday's message more intimately, while digging deeper into God's word, followed by closing prayer requests.

Leader: Alfonso and Catherine

Tuesdays 7:00pm - 8:00pm

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